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Crude Oil & Natural Gas

We supply refineries, downstream businesses, governments and traders with the most competitively priced natural gas and crude oil products. We are a global network of crude oil and natural gas suppliers operating across all regions of North America and Europe. Because we’re global and diverse, we offer a wide selection of crude oils across the full spectrum of grades (including WTI and Brent Crude) from the most competitive suppliers of the day. We’re on top of market trends and we’re vigilant when it comes to spotting opportunities.

We’ve delivered natural gas, liquified natural gas, WTI and Brent Crude to hundreds of refineries and processing firms, dozens of primary market commodity traders and several government energy reserves. We’re committed to being flexible and listening to your specific needs. The diversity, dynamism and competitiveness of our network approach means we can always keep costs low.

Our scale is your advantage. We work closely with you to ascertain the most suitable solution. We base our suggestion on the nature of your organisation, the product type you need and the quantity you require. Our network puts hundreds of suppliers at your fingertips. We allocate you a personal solutions manager to organise your order from start to finish. Contact us now for your free consultation and quote.

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April 21, 2017

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